The Answer of is OneCoin a Pyramid Scheme

In addition to a charge of selling products directly to consumers, every distributor

must also develop the widest sales network. This thing usually directs people to think that

the business is like a pyramid scheme such as is OneCoin a pyramid scheme. To be able to

build a network, every distributor must look for prospects. There are several strategies for

lead generation, namely to develop the broadest your network, browse through the market,

meet people where prospects depend, and are putting yourself. To build a network, you

need to understand your prospects. There are three strategies that can be developed that is

entered into the soul of your prospects, learn your prospect's business, and understand the

risks your prospects. If you are not able to understand your prospect's business or the risks

they are, then you are not able to get inside their soul. If successful in developing a

distributor network, the company will provide various incentives in the form of bonuses,

rebates and other incentive-incentive. MLM strategy rests on the development of the

network, so more and more of a distributor managed to recruit new members or bonus

income in the greater.

To improve performance or motivation of the distributors, the company regularly

should provide a wide range of training, additional insights, building strong personal skills,

resilient, and reliable in building or expanding their networks. Some companies already have

training programs or business school that will provide support for the distributors that makes

it as is OneCoin a pyramid scheme. This training is usually held on a regular basis in the

form of meetings or seminars.

During the meeting, the distributors can meet to share experiences, to review or re-

evaluate their work, and provide instructions on how to build a network, the person who can

work with, with the aim to provide motivation or a new spirit to distributors who have not

been successful. In various forms of meetings or seminars, often the distributor is inviting

prospect, as a way to recruit new members. This is important, because the success of

recruiting, training, and motivating distributors is one measure of the success of MLM

companies. MLM marketing strategy is OneCoin a pyramid scheme that has several

advantages over conventional business. The benefits of MLM strategy include:

1. Minimize the risk of financial loss. The distributors who join MLM companies will not be

burdened by financial losses if the products they offer are not sold.

2. Costs are relatively low. Promotion costs zoned as a percentage discount obtained by

distributors and networks on their sales volume. MLM method is suitable for companies

who want effective distribution channels and save on advertising costs.

3. Investment is relatively low. By using the strategy task MLM distributors only together

between the buyer and the seller. Unlike conventional business to start a business in

which a manufacturer must have sufficient capital as one of the conditions in business.

4. The mechanism of action is relatively simple. In order to become a distributor does not

need to enter a job application or include a number of capitals. For those who want to

join a MLM company, please have a high achievement motivation and entrepreneurial

spirit high. With a simple mechanism of action is expected to attract people to join a MLM


5. The product price is relatively affordable. In general, companies that sell products with

MLM strategy products are imported products, although there are already some

companies in the country are also using this strategy. The price of products offered

relatively affordable and have a high-quality product compared with other similar

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