Easy Ways To Develop Psychic Abilities

Do you possess psychic abilities? More than likely, you have probably experienced some of them in your life at one point or another. The term psychic is a very broad spectrum term, one that applies to many different aspects of what some call the paranormal realm. Essentially, anything that cannot be measured by science, that is not repeatable with simple testing, is considered fringe by modern science today. However, the many people that do have psychic abilities, and those that have experienced psychic encounters with those that possess these gifts, would argue that they do exist undoubtedly. Here’s a quick overview of the many different psychic abilities that you may be able to develop in your life, and ways that you can determine what gifts you actually possess.

Most Common Psychic Abilities

The list of psychic abilities that many people possess is actually quite extensive. When people think of the psychic, there are typically picturing someone, such as Sylvia Browne, that was able to know things in advance, or potentially talk to the dead. In reality, there are quite a few abilities that a person might be able to develop, or that they may naturally have due to their genetics. Psychic abilities cannot be proven by science as they are not replicable on-demand in most cases, which makes the reality of these abilities questionable in most people’s eyes. Some of the most common ones include dowsing, faith healing, divination, psychokinesis, precognition, and clairvoyance.

How To Develop Your Psychic Powers

In order to develop your psychic powers, you must first have a general idea of what it is that you have as a gift. For instance, if you have ever been with someone that was sick or hurt, and you were able to lay hands on them and say a simple prayer, more than likely, if they were healed or felt better to some degree, a natural gift that you may have this feeling. Another gift that many people have is what is called astral projection. This is your ability to go to sleep, control your dreams in a lucid state, or come out of your body and see yourself sleeping in your room. This typically happens automatically if you do have the gift, and you can improve your ability to do so by using certain protocols prior to going to sleep. Finally, remote viewing, something developed by the US military under the tutelage of natural psychics, was used for over two decades by the military to gather intelligence information from other countries. There is actually a protocol that is followed, one that was developed by psychics that could naturally gather this information, but created a protocol so that everyone could learn how to do it.

Which Psychic Abilities Should You Develop?

With so many different abilities, it’s hard to tell which one you are going to be adept at, so sometimes it’s a good idea to try several of them and see which one works the best. For instance, you could have someone hold cards facing them, and try to read what the cards are, and if you can do this, then you may possess the power of clairvoyance.

If you are naturally empathetic, concerned about the well-being of others, you more than likely have a predisposition toward healing. This is something that is very easy to try to do on your own, either laying hands on someone that is sick in your household and thinking about healing them. You can also send positive energy to people, with the intent of healing, and if you can do this, you probably have this gift. So whether you try to speak to the dead, astral project, do automatic writing, or try dowsing to find water, precious metals, or even the keys that you lost, these are all things that you can practice to see which ones you are naturally good at.

Advanced Techniques

Once you have determined which one you seem to have a predisposition toward, you can begin to use advanced techniques to build this power to greater heights. With the example of healing, a lot of this has to do with meditation, clearing your mind, moving your ego out of the way. By learning how to meditate, and clearly focus on the intention of healing another person, blanking everything out of your mind but that one thought, you will slowly be able to improve your ability to use these psychic powers in order to help people that you know, or even those that you don’t know, by practicing on a regular basis. The same can be said for remote viewing, practicing on coordinates of things that you have never seen before. By using the protocols that are provided, almost anyone can develop these powers to a greater extent, using the information that is available for everyone to access.